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Uplifting smart glasses

AR glasses
necktec smart glasses
AR glasses

The lightweight NeckTec smart glasses will be the most elegant solution on the market thanks to the transfer of batteries and processors in the necklace and to the uplifting mechanism that allows to remove displays from field of view. Users will appreciate convenience of the design and duration of the batteries operation from the necklace, which will radically change the existing pattern of using AVR glasses – people would want to wear them all the time!

By combining our two patented solutions in one device, we obtained the optimal combination of functionality and visual appeal. For both corporate and individual users, the duration of active use is a key factor in choosing smart glasses, but for individual users AVR glasses' aesthetics is extremely important! The market already knows AVR glasses projects that failed because of the bulky design.

We are ready to share our solution and patents with other developers and manufacturers of smart glasses.

Lite uplifting NeckTec® smart glasses - the perfect solution that combines elegance of the usual eyeglass frame and long hours of functioning.

Patents for NeckTec smart glasses

Composite wearable electronic communication device.

US Patent No 9612440

Composite wearable electronic communication device.

US Patent No 10082681

Eyeglasses with a fixed frame and a rotatable frame

US Patent No 10067359

Meet the NeckTec ecosystem of wearables:

smart necklace

Smart necklace.

The ideal form-factor

for wearable computers

two-position earphones

Pivoting two-position  earphones

for constant comfortable wear

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