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Smart necklace is the ideal form-factor for wearable computers

smart necklace
smart necklace
smart necklace


We have developed the basis for a wearable computer capable of performing all daily required functions (smartphone, audio player, Bluetooth headset, flash driver, fitness tracker, medical sensor, etc.) and interacting wirelessly with external devices (screens, projectors, computers, turnstiles, additional smartphones, smart home, access and control systems, etc.).


The necklace form-factor ideally serves as compartment for batteries, processors and other equipment for the creation of lite augmented / virtual reality glasses (with connection at the back of the neck). 

Finally, AVR glasses look elegant and at the same time work for days. It is also an ideal shell for the constantly wearable voice assistant, available at any time – not only when you are at home.

We made a thorough study of the necklace form-factor in regard to wearable computer, we have developed a number of solutions to create the optimal configuration of blocks and their size, shape and location of buttons, the output point of the headphone wires, wires winding and storage mechanisms.

To test the necklace form-factor concept we purchased CSR license and created a number of NeckTec necklace working prototypes with functions of Bluetooth headset, hi-fi amplifier & music player with built-in memory, active noise cancellation based on multi-microphone arrays for clean voice (for commands or phone talking), and with effective passive wind protection. Having performed scientific research, laboratory and field comparative tests, we came up with confirmed

conclusions that some acoustic characteristics of our devices are better than any competition on the market.

The latest modification of NeckTec smart necklace has an unparalleled microphones noise cancellation system. Also note that only professional audio equipment with furry windscreen muff can allow such clear voice recording in windy conditions as our necklace. Improvement of the noise cancellation system based on our unique microphone array with patented topology is still ongoing.

Today augmented and virtual reality glasses have limited application because of bulky sizes or small operation time. Placing of all electronics and batteries in the necklace with a convenient connection with AVR glasses will allow the developers to create lightweight elegant models of glasses with increased battery life time and increased functionality.

All key components of the device are patented in USA, Europe, Russia and other countries.

 NeckTec ecosystem of wearables:

two-position earphones

Pivoting two-position  earphones

for constant comfortable wear

smart glasses

Uplifting smart glasses.

 The most elegant solution

of AVR glasses

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