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An attractive offer

for representatives of the global optical industry (designers, factories, brands)

Sahara Desert eyewear
Историк моды Александр Васильев Модный приговор

We propose to enter  the pool of manufacturers of a new type of eyewear - Uplifting glasses.

Uplifting glasses patents holders provide a royalty free opportunity to manufacture and sell the glasses in many countries.

Designers who will be the first to make Uplifting glasses truly fashionable will become wealthy celebrities.

Factories will receive solid contracts if they are the first to release collections of lifting glasses at optical trade shows of 2023.

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The uplifting eyeglasses developers are ready to provide the relevant know-how.

In the opinion of the optical industry gurus, uplifting glasses could take up to 10% of the global dioptrical glasses market.

Uplifting glasses are indispensable for the correction of age-related hyperopia.

The convenience of uplifting sunglasses will be appreciated by  fashionistas and style icons.

Uplifting glasses manufacture cost and complexity are  only slightly higher than of the ordinary glasses, but the user's effectivity is immense. These glasses could not be confused with any other types.

Presbyop no longer needs to take off / put on glasses when changing focus. Photochromic lenses darken quickly, but brighten slowly .

mechanical smart glasses
suitable for street and office
Scottish motives

When a driver wears glasses with photochromic lenses, it is extremely dangerous to drive into a dark tunnel at high speed on a sunny day. Uplifting sunglasses are indispensable when darkness changes light quickly. 

Progressive lenses have lots of flaws: they are expensive and they have blind areas.

Uplifting glasses are hard to lose.

Forget about eyewear cases, Uplifting glasses are always in the right place, the lenses do not get greasy about the forehead in a raised position.

 International contacts are restricted these days. Therefore, the appearance of uplifting glasses on the International market is delayed. Take this opportunity right now.  Make uplifting glasses a part of your own collection!

Sincerely yours,

Alexey Ushakov

CEO Necktec
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