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Mobilens has developed the multipurpose uplifting doubleframe eyeglasses that consist of base (fixed) frame with nose pads and temples, and of moving uplifting frame with a pair of lenses. Fixed frame might bear an additional pair of lenses.

According to experts, glasses of this type can take up to 10% of the world optical market.


Numerous "know-how" has been accumulated. The main technical problems for the production of glasses from various modern materials, including titanium and carbon, have been solved. Documentation was created for mass industrial production in several design directions.

Such construction allows user to remove lenses from field of vision without taking off the eyewear. User can combine two pairs of lenses when using sunglasses or presbyopia lenses – in all cases when there is a need to frequently put on and remove glasses  or to use several eyeglasses.

What is wrong with ordinary eyeglasses?

Oh, if only Igor Stravinsky had NeckTec uplifting glasses! 1.	Le Sacre du printemps (The Rite of Spring)

Igor Stravinsky used to wear two pairs of glasses semultaneously. The need to frequently remove glasses, as well as to carry several pairs, gives a lot of inconvenience to users.

Multifocal and progressive glasses give distortions, narrow the field of vision and build the level of change only vertically.

They are expensive and not that easy to get used to.

bifocal and progressive lenses VS Uplifting glassess_1000x500_crop_ce
3.	How to avoid invasive eye interventions? To wear true eyeglasses

With surgical correction, the same problems arise, binocular vision worsens. Monovision LASIK corrects the dominant eye for distance vision while leaving the less-dominant eye nearsighted. Multifocal LASIK is not yet approved by the FDA.

Photochromic lenses regain complete transparency slowly.

When a driver  wears sunglasses, it is  dangerous to enter the tunnel on high speed.

Photochromic lenses VS Lifting lenses

There is a solution!

Glasses are an irreplaceable accessory for a modern person. But you don't always need them covering your eyes. Sunglasses in twilight, plus lenses on farsighted eyes looking into the distance, as well as many similar cases, makes user wear glasses on top of the head. Sometimes wearer carries several pairs and often takes off and puts the glasses on. Igor Stravinsky combined two pairs of glasses at the same time.

Features of double-frame glasses with lifting lenses:

-the glasses contain two frames, movable and fixed, which are connected to each other on the left and right by means of two four-bar linkages; temples  and nose pads are attached to a fixed frame;

-the fixed frame can be top- and bottom-mounted;

-the four-link lifting mechanisms are required to ensure that the lenses in the upper position are parallel to the forehead and not touching the skin;

-to ensure the correct vertex distance and pantoscopic angle, we calculated the exact length of the arms, the angle of their ascent and the points of attachment of the hinges;

Hundreds of pages of printed text are dedicated to features of uplifting glasses and know-how of their production.

We managed to combine all the aforementioned technical tasks with aesthetic ones.

Presentation materials and technical documentation will be sent to interested parties upon request.

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