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Frequently Asked Questions

Who needs uplifting glasses?

Uplifting glasses are handy with sun lenses, especially when light and shadow environments are changed frequently. You can raise or lower the uplifting glasses  lenses in one motion, which is much faster than putting on or taking off your sunglasses. Nearsighted people wearing sunglasses with minus lenses cannot simply take off their glasses while driving, they have to change them for other, with clear lenses. For such people, Uplifting glasses with two pairs of lenses (pair of dioptric lenses and  pair of sun protection lenses) are irreplaceable. Uplifting glasses are needed for uncomplicated age-related hyperopia. A farsighted person does not need lenses in front of his eyes when looking into the distance, but he needs plus lenses to look at a phone screen or to read small text. Sometimes you need to change focus quickly. It is difficult and unsafe to take off and put on reading glasses in some cases, for example, while driving.

Why do I need to lower / raise the sun protection lenses, if there are photochromic glasses?

Even the best of photocromic lenses have an initial darkening, their transparency will not exceed 80-85% in a dark room. They brighten rather slowly, which is critical for a driver when entering a semi-dark tunnel on a sunny day.

Why not use progressive lenses for the farsighted? Glasses with such lenses are much simpler, there is no need to raise and lower the lenses.

Progressive lenses, even of the latest generation, have distortions in the peripheral zones of the lenses, while the largest diopter power of the lens is located in its lower part, which is rather narrow. When looking to the side, and especially when looking up, a farsighted person will not be able to focus on small text. Progressive lenses are much more expensive than conventional lenses and often require customization.

Would people refuse to wear uplifting  glasses because of their unusual appearance?

In both positions, Uplifting Glasses are almost indistinguishable from ordinary glasses, but at the same time, they are much more comfortable.

Uplifting glasses  are more complicated than regular glasses. Wouldn't they be too expensive?

The production cost of Uplifting glasses is only one and a half times more expensive than ordinary glasses made of the same material.  When using Uplifting glasses, expensive progressive lenses are not needed, so the buyer will save a significant amount.

In addition, the originality of their design provides an excellent opportunity to reduce advertising costs. Uplifting glasses produced under your brand will make it easily recognizable.

Your glasses are more complicated than ordinary glasses. Will they often break because of this?

Our glasses are made of titanium or carbon. Lenses are more likely to crack than frame. For sunglasses, polarized nylon lenses can be used, this material is much stronger and lighter than others.

Your glasses have more details than ordinary glasses. Wouldn't these glasses be too heavy to wear?

All parts of the glasses are made of titanium or carbon. The lifting frame is rimless, its weight is just the weight of the lenses. The total weight of glasses depends more on the size and thickness of the lenses.

When would it be possible to buy uplifting glasses?

Orders of customized exclusive jewelry uplifting eyewear is already available. Contact us and we will discuss the option that suits you. 
Versions with reasonable prices will be available in the nearest future, and you can now leave a pre-order for them in the subscription form on our website.

If you can not find the answer to your question, please contact us

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